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Types Of Coffee Grinders For The Home


Coffee grinders are a great household appliance. They are not much expensive but can provide very good coffee. Previously people used to purchase pre ground coffee which used to be available in packets. But nowadays people who have tasted ground coffee are of the opinion that freshly ground coffee is absolutely delicious and is full of flavours compared to pre ground coffee. Some of the coffee grinders available for the home are

Blade coffee grinders – This type of coffee grinder is very much inexpensive but it does not produce uniform particles. Even if you happen to choose a coarse grind, you will get certain fine powder. Blade grinders can be comparable to small blenders that tear, slice and smash the coffee beans. Also there exist chances of coffee getting burnt due to the huge heat produced as a result of the blades spinning at a very high RPM. With a blade coffee grinder however, you can get the best coffee in less than 20 seconds. In case you are grinding a small amount of coffee beans, you have to shake the grinder when it is grinding. You should not try to grind more coffee than that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Burr coffee grinders – These are very good devices and cost more when compared to blade coffee grinders. These grinders are quite slow but they produce a consistent aggregate. It does not burn the coffee as the speed is quite low. The size of the grind in this case can be adjusted according to the type of coffee you prefer. These burr grinders are powered by electric motors and are quite faster when compared to other types of coffee grinders.

Disc and Conical grinders – Disc and conical grinders provide the most effective coffee powder. They have grooves which in turn are cut into discs or cones. They provide finely powdered coffee.