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The Most Fun On Four Wheels


The advertisement goes “perhaps the most fun you can have on four wheels – The SsangYong Korando”. But I have others ideas. Perhaps the most fun you can have on four wheels is A SKATEBOARD! After doing two-wheeled bicycles of all sorts, isn’t it time to move on to a four-wheeled skateboard? And since you are starting from scratch, why not start from totally scratch and make your own skateboard?

Since it is just a board with wheels, it doesn’t seem difficult to make your own skateboard. But wait, there is science involved in putting together the deck, wheels, bearings, trucks, bushings, grip tape, risers and hardware. For instance, the length of the deck depends on the height of the skater and the size of the skater’s feet dictates the deck’s width. Your personal preferences as well as where and how you plan to use your skateboard decide the size and hardness of the wheels.

Choosing the bearings is easy enough. It is dependent on how much money you can spend. (No science there.) Truck width and height is a function of the width of your deck and the size of your wheels, respectively. Much like the bearing, the type of grip tape to use is determined by your budget. The risers, which help relieve stress from the trucks, depend on the wheel size. The choice of hardware – nuts and bolts – has something to do with your artistic preoccupation and your budget. With these, plus plenty of patience, effort and time (the amount of which will depend on your carpentry skills), and a lot of fun, you will be able to make your own skateboard.

But for those who find this task overwhelming, you may opt to purchase a fully assembled skateboard based on your liking and budget. It may be less fun, but it will not diminish the joys you will experience from skateboarding. Also, there is the option of customizing later, when you have determined your personal skateboarding preferences.

With our Ladera Skateboards new skateboard, off we go to the wild blue yonder, which could be the sidewalk, a deserted side street, a community park or an extended garage. The idea here is simple – have fun! You may experience spills and crashes, bruises here and there, but that’s all part of the game. Soon, (assuming you haven’t broken a limb or much worse your back) you will find out your skateboarding likes and dislikes. This will give you a chance to make your own skateboard attuned to your preferences. So let’s go and experience the most fun on four wheels.