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Testolone is a SARM which will improve muscle mass and strength while promoting fat loss. Testolone is also called as RAD 140 and the drug has not yet obtained a complete license. Studies with this compound have been conducted on both mice and monkeys which in turn suggest that with an increase in the dose of this hormone supplement, there is profound increase in the amount of lean mass in the human body. It also produces a loss of fat tissue, hence it can be termed as an ideal drug for body builders and sports persons.

The drug is found to be a replacement for testosterone in the case of body builders. It makes your body to react in the same way that happens when a dose of powerful hormone is administered. The drug is not just beneficial for body builders but it also has a whole array of medical uses. It is widely used in treating conditions pertaining to androgen deficiency, sarcopenia and other muscle wasting diseases.

Testolone is a very good alternative to anabolic steroids. The steroid component acts similar to testosterone in the human body. Testolone is considered to be an anabolic compound which means that it increases the protein use and results in formation of entirely a new set of molecules. It is quite easy and effective to consume as well. Unlike other hormone supplements RAD 140 can be taken orally in the form of pills itself.

Even though testolone is associated with the growth and development of reproductive organs, it is effective in producing androgen receptors in a much more effective manner in bones and muscles. This can be termed as a selective compound because of the way in which different proteins react with the androgen receptor once this RAD 140 binds itself. It is found that different types of cells react by releasing numerous varieties of proteins in response to RAD 140.

Even the structural appearance of this testolone is quite unique when compared to other hormones such as testosterone. This makes it quite beneficial because it further prevents the conversion of RAD 140 into other types of hormones. While stimulating bones and muscles, RAD 140 acts by inhibiting the action of prostate and seminal vesicles which are responsible for the production of sperms. It further does not increase the amount of enzymes present in the liver and is considered to have comparatively a lower rate of toxicity in case of rats.