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Procedure For Applying Canadian Permanent Residence


Canada is a dream place for most of the people of other countries. When one wanted to settle permanently in Canada, he/she should get a Permanent Residence Visa. The PR visa processing begins through high commission or Embassy of Canada.

Canada has three immigration programs where skilled immigrants can apply for permanent residence. They are federal skilled worker program, federal skilled trades program and Canadian experience class. Another term is Express entry, but they are not an immigration program, rather than a system to apply and select candidates for immigration in Canada.

Eligibility Criteria:

When you are applying for Canadian Permanent Residence, the first step is to check your eligibility criteria. The easiest way is to use Comprehensive Ranking System Calculator (CRS). In this tool, you will get your CRS score depending on your details for each question. They are all about skills education, language ability, work experience and other factors. The total points 1200 and out of which 445 is a good score.

You need to enter your IELTS score in your application form. When you are going to apply for permanent residence, you should sign up for IELTS test before itself in order to enter your IELTS score in the form.

You need to verify your education credentials verified by the recognized organizations listed by Canada Government. This is known as Education Credentials Assessment (ECA).

After getting IELTS score and ECA report, you are ready to fill your application. You can create your account and submit your application at My Immigration or Citizenship Application. After creating application wait for your invitation from Express Entry. This is based on your CRS score you will get an invitation.

Why need Help of Immigration Lawyer Toronto:

There are many various criteria you should look before applying for permanent residence. The PR visa process may take long time to work with your application. With the help of an immigration layer, you can reduce the time involved in PR visa process, as they will guide in some easiest way to apply for PR. Immigration lawyers Toronto will also help clearly about the eligibility criteria before you apply for PR. They will inform you that you are eligible or not for PR. Based on your details, they will help you in calculating your CRS score as well guide you for IELTS test.

Whenever you face any issue related to your PR visa application, contact the  best Ronen Kurzfeld Immigration Lawyer to solve this hassle