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Latest Kids Toys


No matter what time of the year it is, children are always excited about purchasing and playing with new toys. The market gets flooded with new toys every few days and one has to scour a lot of retail shops or search online to find the latest kids toys.Some of the latest and the most awaited toy reviews of the year are

Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey – This is one of the cutest and the most lovable toys that have currently entered the market. The cute monkeys can stick on to your finger, respond to sound, motion and touch by blinking its eyes, moving its head and talking in cute monkey like voices. These monkeys respond to a blown kiss by kissing you back. It is also able to hang outside down on a finger and monkey around. It is available in several eye catchy colors like white, brown, pink, blue, turquoise and purple.

New Hatchimals Colleggtibles – This comprises of a pack of 4 mini hatchimals. In order to play with it, you have to rub the heart provided on them. When its colour changes from purple to pink, you can crack the egg open by gently pressing it. It does not require any batteries also. These hatchimals steal your heart with their cuteness and they are the perfect toy for small children

Googly Eyes Drawing Game – In order to play this game, you have to put on a pair of vision altering goggles, start drawing and then ask your team to guess as to what exactly you are drawing. This game was previously played by college kids with beer goggles. Now a kid friendly version of the game is being launched to help the kids enjoy this sweet game. This is one of the latest toys to enter the market.