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Landscape Gardeners


Landscaping has been prevalent since the ancient times of the Mayan civilization. Landscaping refers to the steps taken to beautify a piece of land mostly using plants or various other objects. Landscape gardeners are much in demand these days .Landscaping has become an integral part of construction of new office buildings and houses.

Landscaping Mates gardeners are associated with the creation of beautiful, relaxing and even functional gardens these days. Research has proven that being close to plants can reduce stress and plants also play a vital role in purifying the air. These are some of the reasons why everyone these days is interested in having a garden.

Job profile of a landscape gardener

Landscape gardeners are required to have knowledge of both horticulture and designing. They are responsible for designing, crafting and maintaining outside spaces in malls, universities, private companies and houses. A landscape gardener will initially draft a series of sketches or plans and provide them to the client. On getting his plans approved, he will have to hire equipments, recruit labourers, and make arrangements to procure all the materials required for the design of his proposed garden. The materials may comprise of cement, wood, soil, pebbles and some decorative materials.

Then he has to start the actual process of landscaping. A professional landscape gardener will begin by nourishing the soil with required chemicals and fertilizers that area essential for the growth of plants. Then he along with the team of labourers will be involved in planting trees, shrubs, flowering plants etc. which can increase the aesthetic appeal of a place according to his plan.

However a landscape gardener’s job does not end here. He will be also actively involved in building fences, erecting gazebos, constructing rockeries, laying decking and even in positioning the slabs in the patio. He is also help responsible for placing adequate furniture in the garden, designing the lightning etc. A landscape gardener should be prepared to work during early mornings and even in late evenings. He has no fixed work schedule unlike other professions. He should also work throughout the year irrespective of the seasons.

Landscape gardeners do not require any academic credentials. Landscape gardeners who have more hands on experience are generally preferred for the work however. A degree in landscape management or horticulture can boost their chances of securing a job. On obtaining sufficient experience in the field, landscape gardeners can obtain managerial positions or open their own businesses. Some of them will study further to become a landscape architect