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Importance of Nutrition’s for Cognitive Health


Cognitive Health can be defined with respect to the development of brain as we grew up. Our ability to think, understand, remembering the things, judging and differentiating the things has to be improved with our age. The healthy brain which executes all these activities is collectively known as Cognition.

The Cognitive health can be measured on various basis like,

  • How well you control the motor functions.
  • How well you respond to the emotions.
  • How well you respond to the different senses like touch, pain and heat or cold.

Nutritional food plays a very important role in maintaining the cognitive health. Fruits, green vegetables, Grains, dairy products like ghee, meat and sea foods are the best sources to obtain the nutrition. The food items with low fat content has to be included in your daily diet in order to maintain good health and to get rid of chronic diseases. The intake of more liquid into the body is also a part of healthy diet.

The fatty acids such as omega 3 are the main sources of nutrition and they helps in burning the unwanted fats which are accumulated in the body. These omega 3 fatty acids help in maintaining health issues related to heart and mind. The major benefits of these fatty acids in cognitive health are, controlled mood swings, depression rate comes under control and it acts as an important factor in preventing Alzheimer’s disorder.

The memory disorder as we grew old is acceptable. But there are some cases where the younger people suffering from the problem of lower memory retention. These kinds of problems can be controlled with the supplementation of nutrition’s like omega 3 fatty acids. With the studies we got to know that, the decrease in the level of omega 3 fatty acids results in memory problems. These fatty acids play a very important role in brain development and improving the Intelligence quotient.

Control the food items with sugar which increases the amount of bad fat content in your body and results in memory problems. In order to maintain the cognitive health, the nutrition’s which are in the form of omega 3 fatty acids are more essential. The rich sources of these fatty acids are soya-beans, flex seeds, fishes, walnuts and few more. Try to include these items in your diet and improve your memory retention and maintain a balanced cognitive health.