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How Coffee Machine Works


For many of us the day starts with a good cup of coffee. We are very much dependent on coffee that Our day will be incomplete without coffee. To have a good cup of coffee to brew one should own a good coffee machine. We all know how to operate the เครื่อง ชง กาแฟ but many of us don’t know how the coffee machine works. Coffee machines have different methods to brew the coffee, which has demolished the inconvenience of boiling the water in different containers. At very initial stage when the coffee machines were not invented, people used to make use of one technique wherein the coffee was roasted, and the ground coffee beans were placed in a pot to which the hot water was poured to commence the infusion process.

The first modern method for making coffee was finally introduced by 1800, it was a 2-level pot holding appliance. The coffee was stored in the upper compartment and water was poured to drip down to the bottom compartment from the small holes. Along with the growing technology many different coffee machines were invented with various features and different techniques were made use to brew a coffee. The main aim of all these inventions is to ensure that one can enjoy a cup of coffee without much effort.

The working of Coffee machine is not simple as one can think, once you add the coffee grounds and fill the reservoir with water the machine starts it working. The process of preparing the coffee begins with pouring a water into reservoir, the water flows through the hole and passes through the aluminum tube in the heating element, which results in boiling the water. The boiling water creates the water bubbles which rise up to the second tube which is bit smaller than the first tube. Further, these boiling water flows towards the drip area, where the water is spread evenly on the ground coffee. Eventually, the water flows through the coffee grounds will create the brew in the pot. And that’s how a coffee is made from coffee machine.

There are several types of coffee machines available now a days in the market and the working of coffee machine vary from one another.