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Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Lawyer Services Toronto


Nowadays people who wanted to get immigration visa to canada need to undergo a list of process which is complex. Most of the people prefer an help of an immigration lawyer to sort out these problems. And some people think like getting immigration to canada is very simple if we have right credentials to support our claims.

Necessity of immigration lawyer:

Policies regulating immigration seems to be intricate. So there is a necessarity for an immigration lawyer to present our process in a clear and concise manner. If a person hires an immigration lawyer from law office of Ronen Kurzfeld, it is not that the canadian gonernment will give some special consideration of us or else we will surely get an immigration, rather than that immigration lawyer hired for clear presence of our case. Policies and laws governing immigration keep on changing and one can get an idea of current laws of immigration through an immigaration lawyer who is experienced well in their profession.

Federal Skilled Worker:

Canada immigration uses point system to choose the best skilled worker to get immigration. Atleast 67 points is needed to get qualified it seems. These points are awarded based on various skills of workers like level of eduaction completed, age criteria, experience if any, communication in English as well as French, ability to get adjust with new conditions and arranged employment. So these 6 factors plays a vital role in getting qualified points for immigration.

Admissibility – next step:

Applicants who obtain atleast 67 points have to undergo the next step which is admissibility. It involves various factors like medical admissibility, criminal admissibility, security admissibility.

Medical admissibility- All applicants and their family members have to under take a medical examination by a designated medical doctor before entering canada.

Criminal admissibility- For getting passport will under go address verification with the residing place police , similarly for getting immigration also must undergo a residing verification by police whether we are residing in our place for more than 6 months.

Security admissibilty- This is like verifying our financial status of applicants. Applicants must submit the proof of having enough money to reside in canada.

So in order to understand all of those criterion one must hire an immigration lawyer who is expertise about all these laws which will help the person to get immigration easily.