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Domestic Affairs Detectives Melbourne


Domestic affairs investigation is a term coined for a type of investigation which refers to the process of avoiding threats that can cause disturbances in a family. This type of investigation is required if individuals and personal issues end up destroying a relationship and may also lead to other issues in most of the cases. The investigation can help in avoiding criminal activities in a home such as theft, fraud, abuse etc.

Domestic affairs detectives like private detective services Melbourne  take up the following domestic investigations. They are

Surveillance – Some domestic affairs detectives advice people to use nanny cams or audio devices to ensure that the people in the house or other objects are safe while you are away. The photographs and video footage captured by these devices can be also used as evidence in courts if required.

Background checks – When hiring a new person to work in your house like a nanny or a helper a background check is necessary to assure you that the person is trustworthy. The background checks undertaken by domestic affairs detectives involve checking the employment history, criminal records, education, references, civil records etc.

Undercover operations – Cases of cheating spouses and people using illegal substances in homes have become quite common these days. Domestic affairs detectives are well versed in collecting evidence and documenting such illegal actions without getting seen. They can do it without getting into legal tangles as they will know the tricks of the trade better than a common man.

Computer Forensics – Sometimes the evidence that is required to prove a person guilty is available ion a computer or over the mobile phones. The advent of internet has made such crimes common in the world. Emails, files, texts and even deleted information can be retrieved using a field called computer forensics.

Public record search – If you are one of those who is being blackmailed, stalked or needs to file a restraining order, you can hire a licensed domestic affairs detective for the purpose. These people are capable of conducting a public record search and finding documents with information like criminal records, family history, date of birth, current address etc. The information can also come in handy to locate a missing person in the family.

Locate people – If you need to find someone who has gone absconding to protect himself from paying you a debt or child support, a domestic affairs detective can conduct a skip trace to find the relevant person.